22 Best Pool Parties in Vegas

Do you like attending pools, or prefer nightclubs? Actually, you can have both at Las Vegas. In this incredible city, someone figured out that you can combine the pool and nightclub to get a pool party. As a result, whether you are a dayclub rookie or a local looking for a special place of splashy scenery, we give you not 10 but 22 incredible, rowdiest Las Vegas pool parties to spend the best holiday ever.

1- The Aquatic Club Pool Party

The Aquatic Club - Best Pool Parties in Vegas

Definitely, the number one pool party in Las Vegas for most tourists is the Aquatic Club. It is special for offering the privacy and style with a twist. You can perform many enjoyable activities like swimming, racquet, and lawn clubs of the past.

There is nothing called routine at the aquatic club as they evolve new experiences every day for their guests to discover. A variety of activities like throwback pool cocktails, art-adorned cabanas, boozy artisan ice pops, a mischievous range of music, etc. are only a few things to explore in this club.

The Aquatic club is not just like any other Las Vegas pool party and adult pool line-up. It’s more interesting and different.

They also offer delicious food (including sushi, salads, and the chef’s signature pizzas), beverages (like cocktails, juices, etc.) and snacks (like spiked ice cream bars and boozy ice pops).

2- Bare Pool Lounge

Bare Pool Lounge - Best Pools in Las VegasBare Pool Lounge is another amazing Las Vegas pool party located through The Mirage’s “Street of Shops.” It provides its guests an escape from the chaos and hustle of the Las Vegas Strip as it offers them two luxury dipping pools, six cabanas, four tables, eight VIP beds and eight daybeds. That’s all what you need to relax, enjoy your time and leave all your worries behind.

Yeah, this place offers the European sunbathing in an intimate setting as well as swimming in two dipping pools underneath the palm trees.

Additionally, you can forget all your fatigue in this place and just enjoy the comforting atmosphere and the tropical ambiance. To stay cool and hydrated, Bare offers a variety of specialty drinks.

3- DayDream Las Vegas Pool Party

DayDream - Las Vegas Pool Parties

Daydream is a large infinity pool located in the M Resort. Although it is a dayclub which attract locals more than out-of-towners, it still considered one of the amazing, best pool parties in Vegas. It is surrounded by cabanas, daybeds, a DJ booth, hot tubs, and many other features. It is very budget- friendly as it is free for women before noon.

The general admission is $20, and the drinks are not so expensive.

Parking is free too.

4- Daylight Beach Club

Daylight Beach Club - Las Vegas Pool PartyThis unique beach club has special features like being big and centralized which make it suitable to welcome big events like J. Cole, Ice Cube, Rick Ross, and Flume.

Having such a centralized layout means that everybody can get a good view of the stage.

5- Encore Beach Club Pool Party

Encore Beach Club - Pool Party Las VegasMany famous singers and bands like the Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Diplo, and Skrillex have performed on the stage of Encore beach club. Enjoy your time surrounded by dozens of palm trees and 26 cabanas and just if you get bored by all of that, you can occupy yourself with a few gaming tables.

6- Flamingo Beach Club/GO Pool

Flamingo Beach Club/GO Pool - Vegas Pool PartiesThe amazing hotel which is considered a desert hotspot also offers one of the best pools in Vegas to add some excitement for your vacation.

Enjoy your day alone or with your family in this pool which welcomes adults and children to get amazed by all the facilities especially the separate kiddie pool in which children can be themselves. Additionally, get the nonstop refreshment in one of the two hot tubs which can help you relax and enjoy your time.

You can also try out private cabanas and food service at the Flamingo. Visit at any time as the Flamingo hotel opens its pool year round.

7- Foxtail Pool Party Las Vegas

Foxtail Pool Party Las Vegas - Best Pool Parties in Vegas

Attending Foxtail pool is one of the routine activities for locals at Las Vegas as anyone having a Nevada ID can get in for free during the week. Not only that, but they also offer incredible deals for the cabana.

Can you imagine that they offer a flat rate of $100 on weekdays and $250 on weekends? Additionally, the pastel-heavy Foxtail Pool is located in the center of the SLS resort. It has a fun but relaxing vibe, and usually captivate 20s-30s people.

It must be listed as one of the best pool parties in Vegas, right?

8- Liquid Pool & Lounge

Liquid Pool & Lounge - Best Pools in Las Vegas

Compared to many other Las Vegas pool parties, the liquid pool in the Aria resort is a little more friendly and elegant. They also have a comfortable wicker furniture.

If you wanna enjoy the total intimacy, this place offers you eight massive VIP cabanas equipped with private pools, TVs, and daybeds.

9- Marquee Dayclub

Marquee Dayclub - Las Vegas Pool PartiesMarquee Nightclub is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. In addition to all its splendor, it also makes good use of the daylight hours by offering its guests a swimming pool all year long. Even in the winter season, you can enjoy the Marquee dayclub as they built the “Marquee Dome” to protect the guests and keep out the cold.

Not only this, but the eight cabanas here provide amazing offers like booking one of 10 three-story bungalow lofts with private living quarters and an open-air party deck.

Only in case you still need more, you can attend the gaming area and blow even more money.

10- Moorea Beach Club

Moorea Beach Club - Las Vegas Pool PartyMoorea Beach Club is one of those clubs which open its doors to adults 21 years of age or older only. This “top tional” adult, Las Vegas pool party caters the guests to enjoy its exclusive outdoor environment which features enjoyable activities including high-energy music, poolside massage services and the best, personalized attendants in Las Vegas and many more.

11- Naked Pool Party Las Vegas

Naked Pool Party Las Vegas - Pool Party Las VegasLet’s start with the name, doesn’t it have the coolest name for a pool in Vegas? We know it is a topless pool, but to call it naked in public makes it more interesting. Naked Pool is one of the best pool parties in Vegas. Although it is so small compared to other topless pools, it still considered an exciting one.

To enjoy the best time, avoid attending the pool on weekends, holidays and other busy days.

12- Palms Pool & Dayclub

Palms Pool & Dayclub - Vegas Pool Parties The Palms also provides amazing options related to pool parties for its guests. It offers a great dayclub with two floors of cabanas, multiple pools, and an overhead lounge deck. Additionally, never miss the long-running Ditch Fridays parties. They start at noon, kicking the weekend off with celebrity guests, and amusing games like ping-pong and giant-sized chess. That’s why we had to include it in our list of the best pool parties in Vegas.

13- The Pond Vegas Pool Party

The Pond Vegas Pool Party - Best Pool Parties in VegasEven the Green Valley Ranch Resort is a part of our list with its amazing Las Vegas pool parties; The Pond. Yeah, the Pond is a secluded VIP pool, designed by the same designer of Lenny Kravitz’s home. It offers European-style bathing, a sand bottom, a laid-back vibe, and bottle service as well as dining service, summertime drinks and a plenty of ultra-comfortable seating.

14- Rehab Pool Party

Rehab Pool Party - Best Pool Parties in VegasHard Rock Hotel & Casino

With this big number of Las Vegas pools parties, the owners of these pools should always be aware of applying the newest trends and updates on their pools to stay at the top of the lists. That is exactly what Rehab continues to do by going strong and updated with all the constant upgrades and renovations.

At the Rehab pool, you feel as sitting in a tropical oasis where the sandy beaches are under your toes and the palm trees protect your head from the sun rays.

All the fun is here, with the swim-up blackjack tables, bottle service delivered via a pirate ship, shotskis, jello shot injectors and many more. Recently, they also revamped the DJ booth with large LED screens, smoke machines, and water cannons.

What are you waiting for? Let’s book now.

15- Sapphire Pool & Dayclub

Sapphire Pool & Dayclub - Best Pools in Las VegasFinally, Sapphire joined the best pool parties in Vegas and got a permanent pool/dayclub. It is located to right next door to its award-winning gentleman’s club. If you are in Vegas, you can reach the pool in about five minutes. But, if you’re in Cincinnati, it would take at least an hour.

As most other pools in Las Vegas, it’s very strongly encouraged to go topless.

16- Sway Pool Lounge

Sway Pool Lounge - Las Vegas Pool PartiesHere we will talk about a remarkable pool party in Las Vegas; The Sway Pool & Lounge. Many facilities and offers are provided by the staff including the tropical landscaping, chairs, chaise lounges, tables shaded by umbrellas, private cabana rentals, raft rentals, a Jacuzzi and the drink service by the pool for all guests.

If you are one of the hotel guests, you can attend the pool for free. However, if you are a local, attend the pool for free from Monday till Friday, and for 5$ on Saturday and Sunday. Nevada residents need a valid photo ID to enter the pool as non-hotel guests must be 21 and over. The only allowed children are those of the hotel guests, and they must be accompanied by an adult.

17- Drai’s Beachclub

Drai's Beachclub - Las Vegas Pool PartyThe Cromwell offers its guests one of the best pool parties in Vegas.

One of the most captivating features of a pool is having a good view, but Drai’s has the best view in Las Vegas as it is located on the top of the Cromwell. They also offer the most delicious dining like tuna poke nachos, roasted salmon sandwich, or any of the flatbreads. The place comprises two large pools on the main deck as well as five smaller elevated pools.

18- Tao Beach Las Vegas Pool Party

Tao Beach - Best Pools in Las VegasWhen the hot weather reaches the maximum, you need to attend the TAO Beach.

As one of the longest-running Las Vegas pool parties on the Strip, Tao Beach has built a loyal following thanks to its vibrant energy and tasty Tao-tinis.

TAO Beach offers 12 luxury cabanas. Each features air conditioning, minibars, and high-def TVs as well as a variety of gaming consoles. This place follows the “European style”, so it is better for the ladies to avoid showing all the skin to not get many complaints.

19- Temptation at Luxor

Temptation at Luxor - Pool Party Las VegasPeople from all over the world come to the Luxor Resort north pool to spend a Sunday enjoying the Temptation Sundays gay pool party which takes place in Las Vegas on every Sunday during summer from 1:00 to 7:00 pm.

J.Son of Naked Boy News & AboutTheGlobe host this event, which is accompanied with music by resident DJ Matt Lucio.

According to Las Vegas Weekly, LV Magazine, Vegas NightBeat, Lil Black Book, Seven Magazine, Metro UK and more, these Temptation Sundays have been called THE must do GAY Vegas pool party.

20- Venus Pool Party in Vegas at Caesars Palace

Venus Pool Party in Vegas at Caesars PalaceIf you wanna enjoy the fun European-style sunbathing in private comfort, you have to try the secluded environment in Venus pool club. It invites those 21 years of age and over to experience fun European-style sunbathing in private comfort.

The pool has 14 cabanas, 16 daybeds, 10 couches and plenty of chaise lounge chairs. If you are over 21 years old, then it is time to visit this pool, catch rays, people-watch or just take in the lush surroundings.

Venus Pool helps you indulge in by offering high-end food and beverage choices.

You can find your favorite drink topped and made with the freshest fruits and other delicious ingredients.

21- The Voo Pool Party

The Voo Pool Party - Best Pool Parties in VegasThe Voo is another incredible European-style (topless) pool available for those age 21 and over. It is located at VooDoo Beach offering cabanas and daybeds which surround the waterfall-packed pool.

The program of the pool includes disc jockeys and GoGo dancers which pump up the party regularly and entertain the guests. You can also enjoy a vibrant adult social atmosphere and the tastes of the different, delicious cocktails.
Cabanas, daybeds, poolside spa treatments, flair bartenders, two service bars, a full dining menu and many more are offered to the guests.

To make things more interesting, live disc jockeys, GoGo dancers, pool games, prizes, promotions, and many other events take place at the pool.

22- Wet Republic – Best Pool Parties in Vegas

Wet Republic - Best Pool Parties in VegasThe last one on our list of the best pool parties in Vegas is Wet Republic.

Wet Republic is the best part about the nearly seven-acre pool complex at the MGM Grand. Here, you can find two large saltwater pools, 10 cabanas, and 12 VIP bungalows. You can choose your plan to enjoy the panoramic views of the party, bottle service, private dipping pools, and comfy furniture.


22 Best Pool Parties in Vegas: Amazing Las Vegas Pool Parties
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22 Best Pool Parties in Vegas: Amazing Las Vegas Pool Parties
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